Diabetic Neuropathy-Treatment and Care

Diabetic neuropathy (DN) is brought about by high glucose levels supported over a significant stretch of time. Different variables can prompt nerve harm because of way of life factors, for example, liquor or smoking use, harm to the veins, for example, harm done by elevated cholesterol levels, and mechanical injury, for example, wounds brought about via carpal passage condition. Low degrees of nutrient B12 can likewise prompt Diabetic neuropathy. Contingent upon the influenced nerves, the diabetic neuropathy side effects can be incorporate from agony and deadness in the legs and feet to issues with the stomach related framework, urinary tract, veins and heart. In certain individuals it might show mellow side effects yet for certain individuals it might be extremely difficult and genuine entanglements.


There is no solution for diabetic neuropathy (DN), yet treatment can slow the movement of the condition. Treatment can likewise assist with overseeing indications, for example, agony and acid reflux.


  • Radiculoplexus Neuropathy (Diabetic Amyotrophy)


  • Fringe Neuropathy and Diabetes


  • Proximal Neuropathy


  • Central Neuropathy


  • Autonomic Neuropathy